Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Mom is Sew Special

I am sharing more of my Mom's amazing sewing crafts


This is the cover for her sewing- machine

In this special needlework bag she has put in some amazing features
The Beehive in the picture below opens up and is a needle holder

The cute cottage below opens up to a side bag where you put little scissors, measurings tape and more

The basket that the girl is holding , is a bobbin-keeper

This is my Mom's goodies that she takes with when going to her quilting classes

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mom's Quilts


Seeing as I've joined the linky party hosted by Stitch by Stitch, and its a blog about Marelize's quilting, I've decided to show off some of my Mom's beautiful Quilts. I don't do sewing, only crochet and sometimes knitting , but I prefer crochet as I can live out my creativity

However, I do appreciate all the beautiful Quilts, and I have one on my bed that my mom also made

Here is a preview: I will post some more pictures on the blog tomorrow, as soon as I've taken better picture's of the quilts I have here at my house


The garden quilt

This is a picture of my Mom's House

The Secret Garden


 1600 LEAVES

 Going to the beach


And one of my Favorites: Butterfly's & hearts      LOVE

Till later when I will bring you the next episode of My Mom's Quilts.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brilliant - no more tangles

Have you ever had yarn and wool  tangled and looking like you would never be able to use it again, I have and I actually like it to untangle them

But the other thing that I do not like to untangle is my headphones  I use my old Nokia Xpress music to listen to meditations and brain-entrainment MP3's 

A while ago I saw this idea and today - I did it

I used the Elle double knit natural cotton that I use for the flowers and necklaces and headbands and I just crochet all around the wire. ( uusng a 2.75 mm hook)


I find so many clever Ideas every day and I'm going to share more a bit later

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Peacock Crochet Necklace

A peacock plan

A while ago I posted the beautiful honeycomb Mesh yarn and I had a plan to incorporate it with a necklace that I already started

This is what I did

Everybody loves this one but unfortunately it is not going to be the finished project. I am going to redo the bottom  hanging part and somehow have to shorten the rope part! Lots of thinking to do this week

Friday, 18 January 2013

Crochet hanger covers

Weekend Project for busy fingers

A great way to use up left over yarn

 Covered hangers is always a great gift for anybody.

I was looking for patterns a while ago and found  a few different one's. I made four hangers for my daughter and then another few for friends

The top two hangers in the picture below was done with shell stitch

Some of them I made by starting with a 3.5 hook I made a 12 chain
 and then single crochet (sc)  or half double crochet  (hdc) depending on the type of wool I used,
 alternating colors and textures until I had a rectangle (sometimes 70 up to 80 rows).

For the others , I started with 62 chain and then sc or dc enough rows to go around the hanger

 I mostly fitted the rectangle to the hangers (which I had covered roughly with fabric and batting for a soft inside,) to see if it was the right size and then folded it in half and closed it over the hanger either by sc sides together  or sewing with whip stitch

I decorated the new covers with crochet flowers, buttons and satin ribbons
 for a unique touch to each one. I also covered the wire part with satin ribbon,
 which I glued on with Bostik Sew Simple and rounded it off with a bead

  - Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Amigurumi turtle

Amigurumi crochet - what is it?

 It is the Japanese art of knitting or crochet small stuffed animals or anthropomorphic objects

I have made a few of these and it is such fun. When my son saw the first turtle I made , he immediately ordered one in different colors for a "girlfriend" 

This is what  the fist one  looked like

 And this was the blue and green that my son ordered


I found the original pattern here

I hope you enjoy making turltles (or tortoises )

This is one of my pet tortoises  -  They Love tomatoes!  BUT We are not supposed to give them a lot of tomatoes and veggies as they have to get their fibre from natural grass - but we do feed them lucerne which is good for them

 Have a wonderful day! 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Will I ever have enough time!

After spending a few hours on crochet sites and my email and blogs , printing out patterns that seems cute or nice or brilliant, this is how I feel. I already have eight folders full of crochet patterns that I maybe use someday, But I think for now I'll have to stick with the order I have for a baby blanket!

The whole blanket must be this square with the pink heart motif. I crochet this from a photo , no pattern available;

Wish me Luck! As long as I have my coffee, I'll be done in a jiffy

Friday, 11 January 2013

Crochet necklace - with free flower pattern

Done  ..... 
With all the inspiration I got from my friend Liezel, I made this (it will be hers after the competition). When I took her blanket yesterday, she gave me the beautiful wooden beads and also the examples that she bought and told me to have a go at it.  

I made a lot of  flowers - all my favorite bright colors and then incorporated the round beads and square one's into this necklace. 

I used Elle premier double knit natural cotton for the flowers and stringing, and a 3.5 mm crochet hook. 

Pattern for the flower

Make a magic ring with 7 sc , sl st in last sc, ch 1

row 1: 2 sc in each  sc in the circle , sl st in last ch,  ch 1

row 2: In the next sc make 2 dc ch 1, sl st in next sc, ch 1 - 7 times and then sl st in the first ch. fasten off
 This is my flower! 

I will keep you up to date on the competition that I'm sending this too


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Crochet jewelery day 2

I got this crochet flower necklace thingy from a friend  and we decided that I should do something similar

With flowers and colored wooden beads

I got some supplies together

Now its only guessing work left ! I hope to show some progress tomorrow!