Thursday, 17 January 2013

Amigurumi turtle

Amigurumi crochet - what is it?

 It is the Japanese art of knitting or crochet small stuffed animals or anthropomorphic objects

I have made a few of these and it is such fun. When my son saw the first turtle I made , he immediately ordered one in different colors for a "girlfriend" 

This is what  the fist one  looked like

 And this was the blue and green that my son ordered


I found the original pattern here

I hope you enjoy making turltles (or tortoises )

This is one of my pet tortoises  -  They Love tomatoes!  BUT We are not supposed to give them a lot of tomatoes and veggies as they have to get their fibre from natural grass - but we do feed them lucerne which is good for them

 Have a wonderful day! 


  1. The turtles are fantastic! I am dying to make a couple for my little boys, though they are little demons and will probably just wrestle with them. :) Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. Thanks Kelly, I really enjoyed making them, I will probably make more because I'm going to have a grandchild - hehe. All the amugurumi is fun but these at too cute for word.

  3. Your little animals are so pretty. And I'm sure your new grandchild will love anything grandma makes.

  4. I had no idea amugurumi existed! I really need to learn how to crochet, cos I am dying to make small stuffed animals - they're so cute :) Thanks for sharing, found via the Anything Goes linky!

  5. Thanks you all - its nice to see & learn new things - for me too! - I only started two years ago - with crochet

  6. Very cute...both the crochet version and the real tortoise. Had no idea that they eat tomatoes.

  7. Thanks everyone, if you enjoy your quilting, have a look at my new post on the homepage of my blog - some of my mom's beatiful quilts.