Friday, 18 January 2013

Crochet hanger covers

Weekend Project for busy fingers

A great way to use up left over yarn

 Covered hangers is always a great gift for anybody.

I was looking for patterns a while ago and found  a few different one's. I made four hangers for my daughter and then another few for friends

The top two hangers in the picture below was done with shell stitch

Some of them I made by starting with a 3.5 hook I made a 12 chain
 and then single crochet (sc)  or half double crochet  (hdc) depending on the type of wool I used,
 alternating colors and textures until I had a rectangle (sometimes 70 up to 80 rows).

For the others , I started with 62 chain and then sc or dc enough rows to go around the hanger

 I mostly fitted the rectangle to the hangers (which I had covered roughly with fabric and batting for a soft inside,) to see if it was the right size and then folded it in half and closed it over the hanger either by sc sides together  or sewing with whip stitch

I decorated the new covers with crochet flowers, buttons and satin ribbons
 for a unique touch to each one. I also covered the wire part with satin ribbon,
 which I glued on with Bostik Sew Simple and rounded it off with a bead

  - Enjoy!

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