Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mom's Quilts


Seeing as I've joined the linky party hosted by Stitch by Stitch, and its a blog about Marelize's quilting, I've decided to show off some of my Mom's beautiful Quilts. I don't do sewing, only crochet and sometimes knitting , but I prefer crochet as I can live out my creativity

However, I do appreciate all the beautiful Quilts, and I have one on my bed that my mom also made

Here is a preview: I will post some more pictures on the blog tomorrow, as soon as I've taken better picture's of the quilts I have here at my house


The garden quilt

This is a picture of my Mom's House

The Secret Garden


 1600 LEAVES

 Going to the beach


And one of my Favorites: Butterfly's & hearts      LOVE

Till later when I will bring you the next episode of My Mom's Quilts.