Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A day of Firsts.

A day of Firsts. 

Wow , its the 1st of January and  I created my first Blog and my first craft project for the year.

 This morning I made a quick gift for my daughter after getting a fabulous idea  last night while spending the evening with family!

 A glass jar with bath salts.... and this is how: 

I picked some lavender flowers, put them in a clean glass jar (it was a pickle jar) and filled it with a bag of coarse sea salt. 

Then I decided to decorate it. For the bottle top - I made a crochet flower with satin ribbon and attached a huge button in the middle. This was glued to the bottle top.

 I have lots and lots of buttons that I wanted to put to use and I glued them all over the bottle

After just an hour or so the salt already had the lavender smell!  Easy , low cost - I had a bag of salt in the kitchen and always have my craft supplies ready ! And my daughter will be having a wonderful aromatic bath tonight! That's it! till later when I will share my next craft adventure.

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