Friday, 8 February 2013

A flower throw for a flower friend

In the past nearly two years since I learned to crochet and it has become my passion, I attempted a few things that seemed nearly impossible in the beginning but when a friend asked me to make her a flower blanket I said Ok, challenge accepted.

To Liezel - WITH LOVE

She wanted a blanket where the squares should be different sizes and they must all look different. So this is how it started

She sent me  two pictures
One of a  granny squares throw that she saw in a magazine

and another of a flower throw
 also out of a magazine and she had this one in a file

  And she wanted the flowers in the middle of the squares

 So I started with a few squares in the beginning of November 2012

 The squares got more - but I worked without any definite plan - I used all kinds of patterns  with flowers and granny squares but made a lot up as I went along

And it grew and grew

I first made a lot of big squares and then started to make little ones

 on some squares I made separate flowers that I worked on top - like the rainbow square

I  asked my friend Liezel if we should use a dark color like wine-red or navy blue between the blocks, or a lighter creamy color. So we decided the cream would look good. I wanted it to be one color where I joined the blocks so it would look neat. I make a row of single crochet  in cream around each square

 And I made  more little sqaures

And then I started to try and fit them all together - my oh my was that a difficult job  - but FUN

 Here it started to look like something and some squares I had to make one or two rows bigger to make them fit

And I started to crochet the blocks together

These pictures are not so good - but I was documenting my progress an it was  bad lighting

This was the final fitting -

Then Voila - I had them all fitted and crocheted together and started with

the border - This was about Christmastime and Liezel said I could take my time as they were away on holiday 

And here is the finished flower granny throw
I took these pictures on New years eve - 31 Dec 2012

And Liezel is ecstatic over her flower blankie. A special blanket for a special friend

And the heart button is my signature - with love


  1. Dankjewel Joke. I enjoy it so much!
    Baie dankie (in Afrikaans)

  2. I totally agree with Joke!!!!
    It's beautifull!!!!!
    Grtz, Karien.

    1. Thanks Karien, I really appreciate it. It was a work of love!