Friday, 8 March 2013

BABY heart blanket, nearly there

I must admit , It has been a crazy two weeks - I have to finish these projects by Monday
And in-between I'm writing my book
I hope to be a little less rushed in the future as things are starting to fall into place for me 

This is the process for each block! ( I did not work from a pattern but from a picture we found)

My daily Recipe for  Happiness

Tons  and tons of Gratitude every morning (being alive and being exactly where I am)
A pinch of Physical exercise
A large helping of Positive attitude
Plenty of faith
A heart full of love, generosity and goodwill
A barrel full of hard work  ( I love my work – writing)
A few cups of smiles and humour and laughter
A dash of meditation
A few hands of doing what you love, reading, talking, eating
A bag full of sleep

Mix it all together and  sprinkle with joy! And ENJOY HAPPINESS

 Hope to show the finished balnkie in a few hours time

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