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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Peacock necklace - remake

Finished product 

I had to redo the peacock necklace - it was much too long and I'm going to try
 and use this for the competition. 

See my previous blogging about it Here

and here too

The prescribed length is 90 cm from end to end if open.  SO I just made a few knots , but the bottom part was completely redone. 

I also used a metal fastener and fixed it to the ends with knots & some glue that I use for fabric and yarns & cotton. 

I crochet around my wooden  circle template

And then I went on and  string some silver beads and crochet that with single crochet around the border of the circle

Then I had to do the feather strings with a few beads and  a crocheted string to fix to the circle. This was quite an undertaking and I've redone it a few times

Now this is the finished project and I've decided even if it is still too long or I do not qualify for the competition, I like it like this and I'm not going to change it again

This is it and I LOVE IT!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Bold Bright Buttons

More uses than just fasteners for clothing, Buttons is another way to express your creativity in  ways that one would never have though of .

A while ago when visiting my mom, I saw that she was making cute BUTTON embellished shopping bags.

This is the one she made for me

Mom has a friend that supplies her with these buttons - an endless stream of beautiful buttons which she uses in all her sewing projects and quilts. So I was going bonkers about the  Buttons and she said I can take what I want. As you can see the background of my blog is a few of  my lovely Buttons

I used them on my hanger covers

And as my special signature on the blanket I made

I have a few other project in mind 

Till tomorrow, I'm going to sort through my buttons now

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Mom is Sew Special

I am sharing more of my Mom's amazing sewing crafts


This is the cover for her sewing- machine

In this special needlework bag she has put in some amazing features
The Beehive in the picture below opens up and is a needle holder

The cute cottage below opens up to a side bag where you put little scissors, measurings tape and more

The basket that the girl is holding , is a bobbin-keeper

This is my Mom's goodies that she takes with when going to her quilting classes

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brilliant - no more tangles

Have you ever had yarn and wool  tangled and looking like you would never be able to use it again, I have and I actually like it to untangle them

But the other thing that I do not like to untangle is my headphones  I use my old Nokia Xpress music to listen to meditations and brain-entrainment MP3's 

A while ago I saw this idea and today - I did it

I used the Elle double knit natural cotton that I use for the flowers and necklaces and headbands and I just crochet all around the wire. ( uusng a 2.75 mm hook)


I find so many clever Ideas every day and I'm going to share more a bit later