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Friday, 29 March 2013

Headbands & hats

Plus flowers
It is so easy.....

 to crochet a headband and I've tried a lot of different strategies. The easiest one that I do is
to start with a magic ring with  sc in the ring, ^

Then I chain about 40 and start increasing stitches , sometime by sc and sometime dc
to desired lengh and then start decreasing by crochet 2 together until I have one stitch left. chain 40 and end by making a ring in the previous chain and fasten off

 Flowers are just as easy, there are so many patterns on the internet , you can pick and choose
Here is mine that I posted previously

I used Elle premier double knit natural cotton for the flowers and stringing, and a 3.5 mm crochet hook. 

Pattern for the flower

Make a magic ring with 7 sc , sl st in last sc, ch 1

row 1: 2 sc in each  sc in the circle , sl st in last ch,  ch 1

row 2: In the next sc make 2 dc ch 1, sl st in next sc, ch 1 - 7 times and then sl st in the first ch. fasten off
 This is my flower! 

 And by making a loop at the back of the flower, you can attach it separately to the headband - OR you can use it as a ring, which I think is FABULOUS!

 I also made a few mesh type beanies that seemed a favorite of the young crowd 

the pattern that I used is available HERE

Other news is that I just finished writing my book,  I will keep updates here on the blog too.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Pink Hearts

I have finished the baby blanket - in time - it is such a wonderful feeling to finish this
I loved making it
Not a very good pic but it is dark already !

Friday, 8 March 2013

BABY heart blanket, nearly there

I must admit , It has been a crazy two weeks - I have to finish these projects by Monday
And in-between I'm writing my book
I hope to be a little less rushed in the future as things are starting to fall into place for me 

This is the process for each block! ( I did not work from a pattern but from a picture we found)

My daily Recipe for  Happiness

Tons  and tons of Gratitude every morning (being alive and being exactly where I am)
A pinch of Physical exercise
A large helping of Positive attitude
Plenty of faith
A heart full of love, generosity and goodwill
A barrel full of hard work  ( I love my work – writing)
A few cups of smiles and humour and laughter
A dash of meditation
A few hands of doing what you love, reading, talking, eating
A bag full of sleep

Mix it all together and  sprinkle with joy! And ENJOY HAPPINESS

 Hope to show the finished balnkie in a few hours time

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Works in progress

I am busy with cushion covers - Crochet of course,  and a baby blanket for a friend's niece so that is why I am so quiet, in between writing my book.

This is as far as I have come with the cushions

 For the square cushions with flowers - Front

 And the back

And the front of the round cushion

And this is how far I have come with the pink heart baby blanket. A friend posted the pictures on facebook and from there I started to crochet using the pictuures as guide - Nowhere is there a writen out pattern to be found. Maybe i will write one out if somebody is interested

Lots of work still to do on this and I hope to keep the blog updates coming!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I'm Going to be a GRANDMA

Oh my Oh my  I'm so EXITED!  

The first thing I said when my son in law called me this morning was - Yeay now I'm going to crochet a lot of baby stuff ! Luckily I had some practice with this as I made a few baby thingies during the past year

A good friend asked me to make a blankie for a single mommy and this is what I did. It had to be pink & white - so I decided to use granny squares and  I made each block different

 I did not follow a specific pattern- just crocheted along 

     I made a butterfly that I sewed into the middle of one block

one with a flower in the middle

 and with hearts 

 And this was the final product!


Great - I still have a few projects to finish before I can start with stuff for the baby!