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Monday, 18 February 2013

How to Decopage tin cans


Decopage tin cans

You are going to need
* A few empty tin cans, labels removed and washed. in soapy water. All dirt, oil and glue removed
 WITH HAIR SPRAY or DOOM and then rubbed off)
* paintbrushes
* Craft glue
*Paper and pictures you want to use for decorating the cans - I had this lovely gift wrap paper but it was not enough so I scanned and printed more. With printed pictures from a computer printer you must be careful because the ink can smear but  mine worked fine.


* embellishments such as buttons and ribbons and pieces of leather

* scissors and craft knife

* And deco podge or modge poge. The Deco podge that I used  is from Creative talents but there is many different kinds available from craft stores

How to:
1. If you want to paint or seal your tin you must do this first.

2. Cut the pictures you want to use in the correct sizes ( with scissors or craft knife if you want straight edges and cannot cut straight - like me.



3. Put  craft glue on the back of  the pictures as well as on the tin can  Glue your pictures to the tin cans in a way you like it and smooth out with fingers . Let it dry completely before going on to the next step
4. Paint over it with your deco podge. A few coats maybe necessary to completely seal  the can
5. Let it dry completely and now you can glue on the embellishments and let dry

I've made them into planters for Echevera succulents to give as small gifts  at a function

And these two I made to use as pen holders for the office

And that is some recycling that turned out great

Friday, 1 February 2013

Bold Bright Buttons

More uses than just fasteners for clothing, Buttons is another way to express your creativity in  ways that one would never have though of .

A while ago when visiting my mom, I saw that she was making cute BUTTON embellished shopping bags.

This is the one she made for me

Mom has a friend that supplies her with these buttons - an endless stream of beautiful buttons which she uses in all her sewing projects and quilts. So I was going bonkers about the  Buttons and she said I can take what I want. As you can see the background of my blog is a few of  my lovely Buttons

I used them on my hanger covers

And as my special signature on the blanket I made

I have a few other project in mind 

Till tomorrow, I'm going to sort through my buttons now

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brilliant - no more tangles

Have you ever had yarn and wool  tangled and looking like you would never be able to use it again, I have and I actually like it to untangle them

But the other thing that I do not like to untangle is my headphones  I use my old Nokia Xpress music to listen to meditations and brain-entrainment MP3's 

A while ago I saw this idea and today - I did it

I used the Elle double knit natural cotton that I use for the flowers and necklaces and headbands and I just crochet all around the wire. ( uusng a 2.75 mm hook)


I find so many clever Ideas every day and I'm going to share more a bit later

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Peacock Crochet Necklace

A peacock plan

A while ago I posted the beautiful honeycomb Mesh yarn and I had a plan to incorporate it with a necklace that I already started

This is what I did

Everybody loves this one but unfortunately it is not going to be the finished project. I am going to redo the bottom  hanging part and somehow have to shorten the rope part! Lots of thinking to do this week

Friday, 18 January 2013

Crochet hanger covers

Weekend Project for busy fingers

A great way to use up left over yarn

 Covered hangers is always a great gift for anybody.

I was looking for patterns a while ago and found  a few different one's. I made four hangers for my daughter and then another few for friends

The top two hangers in the picture below was done with shell stitch

Some of them I made by starting with a 3.5 hook I made a 12 chain
 and then single crochet (sc)  or half double crochet  (hdc) depending on the type of wool I used,
 alternating colors and textures until I had a rectangle (sometimes 70 up to 80 rows).

For the others , I started with 62 chain and then sc or dc enough rows to go around the hanger

 I mostly fitted the rectangle to the hangers (which I had covered roughly with fabric and batting for a soft inside,) to see if it was the right size and then folded it in half and closed it over the hanger either by sc sides together  or sewing with whip stitch

I decorated the new covers with crochet flowers, buttons and satin ribbons
 for a unique touch to each one. I also covered the wire part with satin ribbon,
 which I glued on with Bostik Sew Simple and rounded it off with a bead

  - Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


 I call this my Africards - made with corrugated cardboard and decorated with feathers, leather, beads and porcupine quills!

It is  fun putting it together