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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Close to my HEART

I LoVe:

It has been a few days since I spend time here on the blog. Sometimes real life things like writing a book and working for money has to come first  But doing some occupational thereapy is always good. I'm busy with a few unfinished projects  Like these
I love crochet

  and hearts

The  Shocking pink and orange was a test  now I must decide what to do with it

This is on its way to be a baby blanket - pink & white for a baby girl.

Here I made a border for a guest towel - it's supposed to look like hearts

 I made this heart block for a charity project where they were going to make a blanket with all the squares and sell it for funds for a childrens home

I love crafting

I made this little box with heart flaps where it closes- as an example for wedding favours
its really much easier than it looks. Maube one day I can do a tutorial on this

I even tried my hand at fondant hearts  once- hey cake Boss watch out!!!

I love Animals

I love our dogs - This is Dippy (front) and Dozer - my kid's Jack Russell's , but I look after them more than they do. They love taking over the lounge and my first crocheted throw

This is my dachshunds , Bruno the brown dog and Kasha, the black one. Kasha was born in our house from my first dachsie Peanut ( who died in a freak accident)

 I also have three young cattle. - MY LITTLE HERD

 And mt son had a bearded dragon but he doesn't look after him - so I play with him once a day and feed him super worms. I was really squeamish in the beginning - with the worms but now i'm okay with it

Patsy catsy was saved by my son, She was dying of hunger after she was left be someone on the road. She was trying to survive in the field and was very thin. SO he started feeding her birds that he shot and soon she came to the house and has now been here for almost three years

 His name is MEERKAT - one of Patsy's baby's

 My husband also has a few antelope at the airfield  nearby - There are  two spring-buck, three impala and six Blesbuck

I already showed the tortoises but here is one ( I now have four)

There is many more things that I love but I love sleep too ZZZZZZ

Sunday, 10 February 2013

African FLoWer blanket

From beginning to end

This was the second blanket I ever crocheted and it took me three months to do. When I started it , it was less than 6 months since I leaned to crochet.I saw the pattern and  it look so easy , I bought  a few bundles of wool and started this:

I now also read that  the pattern was first published in a South-African magazine  and I live here in South -Africa - the designers of the pattern is Lounette Fourie and Anita Rossouw

I bought bright - almost neon colors, orange, shocking pink, lime green, turquoise and dark purple for the bordering
I used a pattern that I found on the internet and basically it goes like this

I used double knit yarn and a 3.5 mm hook ( it was my only crochet hook at that time)

ch 5, sl st in first ch  to make ring
ch 3 ( counts as first dc), 1dc, ch 1 , 2dc ch 1
repeat untill you have 6 dc & 6 ch in ring
sl st in 3rd ch from first 3 ch, fasten off and cut yarn

Attach next color in  one of the ch1 spaces, ch4 (counts as first dc & 1 ch), 2 dc in same space, ,
in next ch space * 2dc , ch 1, 2dc, * (5 times) and 1dc in the ch space where you started, sl st in 3rd ch of first ch 4. You should now have six sets of 2dc, ch1, 2 dc,

You can now finish off and start with a new color or like I did go on with the same color  I find this way much more to my liking
Start in the ch 1 space , ch 3 ( counts as first dc) and 6 dc in same sp
7dc in next  5 ch 1 spaces. sl st in 3rd ch of first ch 3. fasten off . You should now have six pairs of 7 dc
Your  flower should now look like this:

Attach next color  as follows : insert the hook in the space  after the  first 3ch stitch, yearn around hook and pull through, yarn around hook again and pull through the stitch on hook - basically a single crochet. Now make 6 sc in the following 6 spaces between the dc (7sc )  then dc into the space of the third round - this is shaping the flower petal. repeat the 7 sc 1 dc  5 more times and join with sl st. into first sc. Fasten off

Then I joined the color (purple) with which I was making it into hexagons an I joined as I went
To make the first border round:
Join the new color ( in the space after the dc of previous round)  and c3 (counts as first dc) 3 dc, this is where the middle of the flower petal is -  c1
and 1dc in the same space as previous dc, 7dc, 5 more times till you come to where you started.
Slip stitch in the 3rd chain of first ch 3
Fasten off
The way to join as you go I also found in a tutorial and it is basically that when you do the last round of your African flower, the one I just described,  if you get to the say 2nd ch space , you join with the ch space f your finished hexagon. What I did is to join every 2nd dc. If you have questions about this - ask and I can try and explain better

This is how it looks if you join as you go and you dont sit with a stack of hexagons to join later on'.

 Here I have joined four flowers

Joining with dc as as made more flowers

I also found a way to make half a flower to go in the sides of the blanket, it just makes it a bit different

THIRTY flowers done

 And the flower blanket GREW

I eventually had to go and buy more yarn and there was no pink left in the shop , so we borrowed from a lady who bought the last few skeins and I ordered a whole pack - I still have some of that shocking pink left

Eventually it could fit over a single bed. My husband was just telling me all the time - you must still do (8 or 9 or 10 ) rows of flowers - on  this side , or on that side

Ebentually I stopped counting flowers , I think it was more than 300, and I started with the borders

Here you can see where I made the half flowers for the side of the blanket


 Some nearby pic's of the border -
 I think  it looked stunning- I was so in love with this blanket

 And the lucky recipients of my labor of love is my daughter Jorica and her then fiancee now husband Rickus and their little pekingese Bubbles

Cheers! till later

I hope you enjoyed my African flower journey

Friday, 8 February 2013

A flower throw for a flower friend

In the past nearly two years since I learned to crochet and it has become my passion, I attempted a few things that seemed nearly impossible in the beginning but when a friend asked me to make her a flower blanket I said Ok, challenge accepted.

To Liezel - WITH LOVE

She wanted a blanket where the squares should be different sizes and they must all look different. So this is how it started

She sent me  two pictures
One of a  granny squares throw that she saw in a magazine

and another of a flower throw
 also out of a magazine and she had this one in a file

  And she wanted the flowers in the middle of the squares

 So I started with a few squares in the beginning of November 2012

 The squares got more - but I worked without any definite plan - I used all kinds of patterns  with flowers and granny squares but made a lot up as I went along

And it grew and grew

I first made a lot of big squares and then started to make little ones

 on some squares I made separate flowers that I worked on top - like the rainbow square

I  asked my friend Liezel if we should use a dark color like wine-red or navy blue between the blocks, or a lighter creamy color. So we decided the cream would look good. I wanted it to be one color where I joined the blocks so it would look neat. I make a row of single crochet  in cream around each square

 And I made  more little sqaures

And then I started to try and fit them all together - my oh my was that a difficult job  - but FUN

 Here it started to look like something and some squares I had to make one or two rows bigger to make them fit

And I started to crochet the blocks together

These pictures are not so good - but I was documenting my progress an it was  bad lighting

This was the final fitting -

Then Voila - I had them all fitted and crocheted together and started with

the border - This was about Christmastime and Liezel said I could take my time as they were away on holiday 

And here is the finished flower granny throw
I took these pictures on New years eve - 31 Dec 2012

And Liezel is ecstatic over her flower blankie. A special blanket for a special friend

And the heart button is my signature - with love