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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tawashi scrubbie -

made from cotton string

A tawashi is a Japanese type of scrubby. You can use it for dishes but I made a few from cotton string that you use for office purposes. We use it in the shower and it just keeps on working. It is very strong made like this. 
I found a pattern here
 but I've made some changes. I do leave long tails of string at the beginning and end and then crochet a handle to hold it by. I've also tried making in a little bigger with more stitches - Use you imagination.

Row 1:
(leaving a length of yarn long enough to weavethrough & gather one edge and tie off.)chain 21: 2 single crochet in second chain from hook,crochet one single crochet in each chain acrossto last 2 chains; crochet the last 2 chains togetherchain 1 and turn (20 stitches)Row 2:single crochet first 2 stitches together,crochet one single crochet in each stitch across to last stitch, 2 single crochet in last stitchchain 1 and turn (20 stitches)Row 3:2 single crochet in first stitch,crochet one single crochet in each stitch across to last 2 stitches, single crochet last 2 stitches together chain 1 and turn (20 stitches).Repeat rows 2 &3 for a total of 21 rows.Cut yarn leaving this second end long enough to weave through & gather one edge then tie off.

Slip stitch beginning row and ending row together.
Using the end of yarn weave each end in and out of the ends of the rows of the edge it is attached to. Pull them tight.
Now pull one yarn end through the scrubbie and tie in a tight knot.
Pull both ends back through to the other side and knot again.
Then with chainstich make a chain as long as you wish, Fasten with a knot again and weave in ends

I used satin ribbon for a nice touch but after a few washes this does not work and starts fraying and getting ugly

another pattern here

Happy Ta-washing !

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bright granny Throw cushions

I didn't only work on the baby blanket. In the past few weeks I had to make three throw cushions.  square, round and rectangle
Here is the pictures of how some of it came together. My delivery was on Tuesday at 9 am and I worked the last stich at 5 to 9. And it is not anybody else's deadline - it was my deadline - I also worked into the night - till half past one - Was I tired - but I am very happy with the results

Square front
Here I crocheted the flowers and then made a square from the flower

 Square back

 Round front

Round back

 Finished - first two

12  Granny Squares for the rectangle cushion - I've made the flowers separate and sewed them onto the squares











12 squares ready to be crocheted together

Finished products - Voila!!

 The back of the rectangle is srtiped double crochet rows

And here is al 3 - I did good!

Now it is time for a bit of rest. I am also close to finishing my book and then I will start on blankies for our grandbaby!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

African FLoWer blanket

From beginning to end

This was the second blanket I ever crocheted and it took me three months to do. When I started it , it was less than 6 months since I leaned to crochet.I saw the pattern and  it look so easy , I bought  a few bundles of wool and started this:

I now also read that  the pattern was first published in a South-African magazine  and I live here in South -Africa - the designers of the pattern is Lounette Fourie and Anita Rossouw

I bought bright - almost neon colors, orange, shocking pink, lime green, turquoise and dark purple for the bordering
I used a pattern that I found on the internet and basically it goes like this

I used double knit yarn and a 3.5 mm hook ( it was my only crochet hook at that time)

ch 5, sl st in first ch  to make ring
ch 3 ( counts as first dc), 1dc, ch 1 , 2dc ch 1
repeat untill you have 6 dc & 6 ch in ring
sl st in 3rd ch from first 3 ch, fasten off and cut yarn

Attach next color in  one of the ch1 spaces, ch4 (counts as first dc & 1 ch), 2 dc in same space, ,
in next ch space * 2dc , ch 1, 2dc, * (5 times) and 1dc in the ch space where you started, sl st in 3rd ch of first ch 4. You should now have six sets of 2dc, ch1, 2 dc,

You can now finish off and start with a new color or like I did go on with the same color  I find this way much more to my liking
Start in the ch 1 space , ch 3 ( counts as first dc) and 6 dc in same sp
7dc in next  5 ch 1 spaces. sl st in 3rd ch of first ch 3. fasten off . You should now have six pairs of 7 dc
Your  flower should now look like this:

Attach next color  as follows : insert the hook in the space  after the  first 3ch stitch, yearn around hook and pull through, yarn around hook again and pull through the stitch on hook - basically a single crochet. Now make 6 sc in the following 6 spaces between the dc (7sc )  then dc into the space of the third round - this is shaping the flower petal. repeat the 7 sc 1 dc  5 more times and join with sl st. into first sc. Fasten off

Then I joined the color (purple) with which I was making it into hexagons an I joined as I went
To make the first border round:
Join the new color ( in the space after the dc of previous round)  and c3 (counts as first dc) 3 dc, this is where the middle of the flower petal is -  c1
and 1dc in the same space as previous dc, 7dc, 5 more times till you come to where you started.
Slip stitch in the 3rd chain of first ch 3
Fasten off
The way to join as you go I also found in a tutorial and it is basically that when you do the last round of your African flower, the one I just described,  if you get to the say 2nd ch space , you join with the ch space f your finished hexagon. What I did is to join every 2nd dc. If you have questions about this - ask and I can try and explain better

This is how it looks if you join as you go and you dont sit with a stack of hexagons to join later on'.

 Here I have joined four flowers

Joining with dc as as made more flowers

I also found a way to make half a flower to go in the sides of the blanket, it just makes it a bit different

THIRTY flowers done

 And the flower blanket GREW

I eventually had to go and buy more yarn and there was no pink left in the shop , so we borrowed from a lady who bought the last few skeins and I ordered a whole pack - I still have some of that shocking pink left

Eventually it could fit over a single bed. My husband was just telling me all the time - you must still do (8 or 9 or 10 ) rows of flowers - on  this side , or on that side

Ebentually I stopped counting flowers , I think it was more than 300, and I started with the borders

Here you can see where I made the half flowers for the side of the blanket


 Some nearby pic's of the border -
 I think  it looked stunning- I was so in love with this blanket

 And the lucky recipients of my labor of love is my daughter Jorica and her then fiancee now husband Rickus and their little pekingese Bubbles

Cheers! till later

I hope you enjoyed my African flower journey