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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Close to my HEART

I LoVe:

It has been a few days since I spend time here on the blog. Sometimes real life things like writing a book and working for money has to come first  But doing some occupational thereapy is always good. I'm busy with a few unfinished projects  Like these
I love crochet

  and hearts

The  Shocking pink and orange was a test  now I must decide what to do with it

This is on its way to be a baby blanket - pink & white for a baby girl.

Here I made a border for a guest towel - it's supposed to look like hearts

 I made this heart block for a charity project where they were going to make a blanket with all the squares and sell it for funds for a childrens home

I love crafting

I made this little box with heart flaps where it closes- as an example for wedding favours
its really much easier than it looks. Maube one day I can do a tutorial on this

I even tried my hand at fondant hearts  once- hey cake Boss watch out!!!

I love Animals

I love our dogs - This is Dippy (front) and Dozer - my kid's Jack Russell's , but I look after them more than they do. They love taking over the lounge and my first crocheted throw

This is my dachshunds , Bruno the brown dog and Kasha, the black one. Kasha was born in our house from my first dachsie Peanut ( who died in a freak accident)

 I also have three young cattle. - MY LITTLE HERD

 And mt son had a bearded dragon but he doesn't look after him - so I play with him once a day and feed him super worms. I was really squeamish in the beginning - with the worms but now i'm okay with it

Patsy catsy was saved by my son, She was dying of hunger after she was left be someone on the road. She was trying to survive in the field and was very thin. SO he started feeding her birds that he shot and soon she came to the house and has now been here for almost three years

 His name is MEERKAT - one of Patsy's baby's

 My husband also has a few antelope at the airfield  nearby - There are  two spring-buck, three impala and six Blesbuck

I already showed the tortoises but here is one ( I now have four)

There is many more things that I love but I love sleep too ZZZZZZ

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brilliant - no more tangles

Have you ever had yarn and wool  tangled and looking like you would never be able to use it again, I have and I actually like it to untangle them

But the other thing that I do not like to untangle is my headphones  I use my old Nokia Xpress music to listen to meditations and brain-entrainment MP3's 

A while ago I saw this idea and today - I did it

I used the Elle double knit natural cotton that I use for the flowers and necklaces and headbands and I just crochet all around the wire. ( uusng a 2.75 mm hook)


I find so many clever Ideas every day and I'm going to share more a bit later

Sunday, 6 January 2013


 I call this my Africards - made with corrugated cardboard and decorated with feathers, leather, beads and porcupine quills!

It is  fun putting it together

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A day of Firsts.

A day of Firsts. 

Wow , its the 1st of January and  I created my first Blog and my first craft project for the year.

 This morning I made a quick gift for my daughter after getting a fabulous idea  last night while spending the evening with family!

 A glass jar with bath salts.... and this is how: 

I picked some lavender flowers, put them in a clean glass jar (it was a pickle jar) and filled it with a bag of coarse sea salt. 

Then I decided to decorate it. For the bottle top - I made a crochet flower with satin ribbon and attached a huge button in the middle. This was glued to the bottle top.

 I have lots and lots of buttons that I wanted to put to use and I glued them all over the bottle

After just an hour or so the salt already had the lavender smell!  Easy , low cost - I had a bag of salt in the kitchen and always have my craft supplies ready ! And my daughter will be having a wonderful aromatic bath tonight! That's it! till later when I will share my next craft adventure.